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​​​​​​​​Shirley Sutton ​
Lynnwood City Council 
Position 4

shirleysutton1.jpeg ​​​​​​​​

   Service with Integrity


  • ​​Shirley Sutton, your candidate for the Lynnwood City Council, Position #4, has resided in the City of Lynnwood since 2001.                           ​                                                          ​
  • She holds a ​Bachelor's Degree in Law & Justice from Central Washington University​, and a Master's Degree in Community and Human Resource Development from Heritage University​.              
  • Shirley lear​ned her values of hard work and responsibility growing up in her family owned neighborhood grocery store.  Witnessing her parents provide food to those in need, taught her humility and compassion for others.  She also grew up in a diverse community and learned at a young age the importance of acceptance of individuals who look different than she did.                                                                 
  • Shirley's priority is Public Safety.  Her goal is to actively inform all residents of the City's plan for evacuation in case of disasters and will ensure our residents are kept as safe as possible and able to manage during a horrible crisis. ​​ 
  • Her second goal is to be a competent leader and work with the council members to be responsible and transparent at every level and committed to supporting polices that are in the best interest of our families and businesses.

  • View Shirley's interview on Youtube:​