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Mistress of Ceremony for the      Shirley Sutton helps commemorate the      Shirley Sutton, SnoCo Exec. John

Martin L. King Celebration           50th Anniversary of Martin L. King Jr.'s       Lovick, Lynnwood Mayor Nicola Smith

 Lynnwood Convention Center      "I Have A Dream" Speech @ Lynnwood's    and other City Leaders

                                                       Veterans Parks.



Shirley is committed to Lynnwood and believes that leadership must r​eflect the diversity of its population.  With the city's demographics increasin​​g, she believes it is time leaders reflect the diversity that enrich our city.                                                                                                                                                              

 Shirley ​believes in maintaining a healthy and thriving community where all residents are welcomed and encouraged to voice their concerns and needs to a city leadership that listens.                                                                                                                       

Shirley's professional experience includes:                                                      

  • 20+ years as an Educator and Administrator in K-12 and High Education
  • 20 years in the Corporate Sector
  • Family & Community Advocate
  • Diversity Trainer                                                                

 ​​Shirley's proven track record of community involvement includes:                                              

  • City Diversity Commission
  • Marketing & Branding Committee
  • Immigrant Task Force Committee
  • Strategic Planning Committee
  • Black Policy Foundation, board member
  • Latino Business Fair Organizer
  • RSVP Advisor Council Member​                                                                                                    ​

Shirley has hosted many City of Lynnwood Forums:

  • Town Hall on City budgets
  • Campaign Candidate Forum
  • Dr. Martin Luther King's Annual Celebration
  • Forum on Gangs in Lynnwood